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Magic Discuss Their Victory Over Boston


The Orlando Magic got perhaps their biggest win of the season. You can see the recap here and watch Rashard Lewis’ game-winning shot here.

The Magic were understandably happy after the game and here is what I heard from the team after the game.

Stan Van Gundy

On their last offensive possession of the game

"“Well Rashard saved me because we couldn’t get Vince the ball, it was a poorly designed play and Rashard bailed my butt out. We were trying to get the ball to Vince and the main reason is that even though he hadn’t played much in the fourth, my feeling is this: if you’re in a different situation if you’re tied than if you’re down, the difference is that now you’re trying to get the last shot and Vince has been in that situation hundreds of times in his career, not only being able to create a shot, but being able to manage the clock. But there are a lot of better ways we could’ve gotten him the ball. That was a very poorly designed play.”"

On why he still had faith in Vince Carter

"“First of all, I thought he made a real good drive down the stretch, the ball got blocked out of bounds. But a lot of it I think, especially with the score tied, we don’t really have anybody else in that situation. We have a lot of guys that have made big shots but managing the clock and being able to get that shot and not giving them time coming back is huge. And he’s really the only guy we’ve got that’s been in that situation very much. To me, I knew he was having a tough night but to me it was a fairly easy call. If you’re down one it might’ve been tougher because you’re going quicker and we could’ve gone a lot of different ways. But it didn’t end up mattering, because the play broke. J.J. (Redick) did a good job of holding his composure, getting Rashard the ball and then Rashard, great drive, all the way to the rim. Not something you expect to get that point in the game.”"

On Dwight Howard’s fourth quarter play

"“Look I thought Dwight offensively tonight was very good throughout. He played eight minutes in the first half. You know, made two real good post moves. Then in the third quarter, quite frankly with Rasheed on him we had trouble getting him the ball. And then when they had other matchups we were able to go to him. That’s the best he’s played against their big guys in the low post. I thought that he looked tremendous down there and we kept going to him in the fourth quarter because he was playing so well. I just think we were able to get him the ball in the fourth was really the big thing.”"

On playing Marcin Gortat and Howard together

"“It’s something I’ve been contemplating at least a little bit anyway. They played with two bigs in the game. I knew we were going to need to get some stops to get back in the game. The idea of having the two bigs in there to protect the paint. You know, Rasheed stretches you out on the perimeter but then there’s another big back there. Even if they get around the first line of defense like on pick-and-rolls, we’ve got another guy back there to contest. I thought our rebounding would be better. It’s just a matter of finding offense but I thought our guys executed pretty well and it ended up working out.”"

On playing Jason Williams and J.J. Redick for the whole fourth quarter

"“It was just normal rest time for Jameer and Vince. That’s all it was was normal rest time, but then we were just playing so well with that unit so I didn’t break it other than to bring Rashard back in because Rashard had played well offensively, but I didn’t want to take out the two bigs so I brought him in for Matt. I didn’t want to screw around with that lineup very much. It was playing very very well.”"

On Rashard Lewis’ recent play

"“He’s been putting the ball on the floor more. If you go back, the last seven games, he’s back to averaging over 17 points per game. He’s getting back to where he was a year ago. He had just not been very aggressive or very energetic I didn’t think up until then quite honestly. We talked about it. The thing with Rashard is he’s a guy who will take responsibility and I think he did. He’s made a real conscious effort to play at a higher energy level and he’s playing much better because of it.”"

Marcin Gortat

On his jump shot

"“It might sound crazy but I believe I could shoot the shot last year too. I just didn’t have opportunities to shoot it. I still believe I can shoot from the outside but the role I have with the team just makes me kind of a different player but that’s what the team needs and that’s what I’m going to do.”"

Rashard Lewis

On being more aggressive

"“The past couple games I feel like I’ve been more aggressive. Instead of sitting out shooting threes, trying to get to the basket, get a couple layups because the three ball is not always going to fall.”"

On if he was surprised he was the wide open.

"“Yeah (I was surprised) because they’re a great defensive team.”"

On what the win means

"“It’s a confidence booster. They’re still a good team, a great defensive team. That’s where it all starts. Championship teams play good defense.”"

On if he dislikes Boston

"“To me, they’re in our way of trying to get that championship trophy. Just like we’re in their way. You’re most definitely not going to like the teams that are in your way. It seems like it’s always a dog fight. Those guys are real cocky, they talk a lot of trash but I think it’s more of an intimidation factor.”"

Dwight Howard

On if Boston is the most physical team.

"“Yeah, they are. It was physical the whole game but I think you just try to match their level of play.”"

On going to his finesse game

"“I know with Kendrick, he’s a great low post defender. With him you can’t try to be as physical. He’s a big solid mound of a guy down there so instead of trying to be physical with him, you have to move him so that’s what I tried to do in the second half. I watched some tape on him earlier and he was just able to root me out so I just tried to bang bang and bang with him.”"

On the win

"“This is a big win for us. I think that we kind of grew up tonight as a unit. We didn’t give up when the crowd was out of it. Everybody thought we were out of it. We just came back and played well.”"

On Matt Barnes standing up for him

"“I like it. I liked the fact that we don’t back down. Matt Barnes showed that he wasn’t going to back down. That’s what we got to have. We have to have a team that’s not going to back down from any challenge.”"

On if he and Gortat should play more together

"“In this league, it’s all about matchups. You look at Boston when they play against a team like the Hawks. The Hawks can switch 1-5 and play that way. It’s all about matchups and tonight the matchup that worked was Marcin at the four and me at the five. They just had a big lineup in and we had to do something tonight to try to match it. I told Marsh after the first quarter, he was letting guys come in and get easy layups so I told him; he’s got to start blocking shots. He came out, started blocking shots, denied Kevin Garnett the ball and that’s what we got to have from a guy like Marsh.”"

On Gortat and Howard’s nick names when they play together

"“I think we’re the Polish Hammer, got to get him a nick name, we’ll call him Jack-in-the-box.”“He’s one of the best Polish Centers to have ever played the game.”"

On his confidence in his hook shot

"“I’ve always been confident in my game – hook shots, whatever it may be. It’s something that I’ve been shooting since I’ve been here. Hook shots, running hooks. It was falling in the fourth quarter and I’m just trying to be aggressive. I think for me, just seeing the ball go in gets me in a rhythm on the offensive end especially when I make a couple shots here and there. Once I make those shots, I get the ball more and from there on out, it’s just on me.”"

Doc Rivers

On the loss

"“We deserved it. I said it in the 2nd quarter we had a chance to be up 20. I thought we completely lost our focus. An 11 point lead, I told them at halftime, it was a joke. We should’ve been up 25 points at halftime. I thought we lost our focus. We started walking around like we had accomplished something by getting up. We don’t do that, but we did it today. Third quarter same stuff. I told them I love this team, but today I just thought our focus kept going in and out. And when it did, you saw what happened. “"

On how to contain Dwight Howard

"“We don’t mind Howard. If Howard scores 40 one-on-one that means guys aren’t making threes. Honestly, we’ll take that. Yes, if you can get Howard on the bench, or any of those guys on the bench, yes that’s the best way. But Howard didn’t beat us.”"

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