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Orlando Magic News & Notes: Magic-Celtics, Robbins Says Povtak Made a “Leap”


Yesterday, Tim Povtak of NBA Fanhouse said that Dwight Howard thought the Magic were shooting too many three-pointers. Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel wanted to clear the situation up and show what Howard really had to say.

"To make sure fans are clear on what was said, here is the entirety of the exchange in which Howard was asked about the team’s 3-pointers:Question: “Dwight, Stan was saying that he thought that some of the shot selection, the 3s — not so much too many 3s, but guys weren’t looking inside first before they were taking 3s. Do you agree with that or is that something you have to remind your team to get the ball into you?”Howard: “You said it.” [Howard chuckles]"

Read the full piece(with more quotes from Howard) from Robbins here.

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Orlando’s opponent Thursday night, the Boston Celtics may be old but they don’t think their window has closed. The Magic seem to agree.

"“They’ve just got a lot of veteran guys on the team, very smart guys, but they still get the job done,” Orlando’s Rashard Lewis said. “They’re still one of the top teams in the league, so you can’t take that away from them.“I’ve got a lot of respect for that team, and if you don’t have respect for that team, they’ll show you. So, I think you can’t look at them as an older team. They’re still a team that’s going after that trophy, and they very well have enough guys to go and win it.”"

Robbins has that story here.

The Magic are still green from X-mas.

"“They’re a better defensive team (with Garnett),” Lewis said. “They play with a lot of heart, passion. You can tell he’s an emotional guy out on the court. Defensively they’re better because they’re bigger and they’re longer. He’s a great defender.”Particularly on Lewis.“He’s really long and athletic,” he said. “He’s able to close out to the perimeter and get a hand up on the shot. And when you go to the basket he’s a good shot-blocker, too, so it’s tough to play against a guy like that.”Kendrick Perkins [stats] had a good series against Magic star center Dwight Howard, but his work is only enhanced with Garnett and Rasheed Wallace.“There’s not a better low-post defensive team in the league than Boston,” Van Gundy said. “I think they’ve got three of the premier interior defenders in the league, with Perkins and Rasheed Wallace and Garnett in there. They don’t really drop off when they have to go to the bench. (They’re) all big strong guys with good defensive technique, and they have played (Howard) very, very well.”"

Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald has the story here.

Doc Rivers has accountability.

"Rivers is a man with a method.“I think you have to be open to mistakes – game mistakes,” he said. “If I’m going to hold Paul Pierce [stats] accountable, I have to hold myself, (assistants) Armond Hill, Kevin Eastman, Tom Thibodeau accountable, and they know it. I’ve got on the coaches in front of the players. I think it allows each of us to be accountable to each other. I always do that. You have to as a coach. If you’re going to get on the player about doing things, you have to be open-minded enough to say you can do something better. I’ve always lived by that. I lived by it when we were bad, I lived by it when we were good, and the players know that.”"

Mark Murphy has that story here.

Update: Dwight discusses Orlando’s matchup with the Celtics.

"We’ve got a big game against the Celtics tonight. We beat them up in Boston earlier this year and they made us look back at our place back on Christmas. TNT is in the house tonight, so it will be a good chance for us to show everybody that we’re back on track and playing Magic basketball."

He also touches on several other topics. Read Dwight’s blog here.

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