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Some quotes from Saturday’s practice


I wrote a story for Boston Herald, which you can see here. Here are a few select quotes after today’s practice.

  • Dwight Howard
  • “That’s the word of the day: Dominate. I was eating some Alphabits cereal. The first scoop I picked up it said dominate, so I put it back down and said “dog this is crazy.” So I picked it up again and it said dominate! So I ate it, stirred the bowl up, picked it up again and it was dominate! It was crazy.” “Win or go home. It’s exciting. It’s like the playoffs in college. One and done.” “When they’re set in their half-court defense, they’re tough. When we run, get to moving, that’s where we’re at our best.” On his touches in Game 6: “I don’t think it was guys necessarily throwing me the ball more. It was me being aggressive and assertive and getting the ball.”

  • Stan Van Gundy
  • “They made a championship run last year, and in the process they played two seven-game series. They played a seven-game series this year. There’s no question that the experience advantage is on their side. But that’s not the only thing going on in the game tomorrow. If we can play our game, and play with both great intensity and great poise, and stay with our game for 48 minutes, we’ll be fine.” On Courtney Lee in Game 5: “That was his first time in there with that crowd. That has to help him a little bit. This guy, for a rookie, he’s been in a lot of big playoff games. Games that we needed to win. He was there in Game 4 here gainst Philly when we were down 2-1. He was in there the other night in an elimination game. He’s been in situations, and I think having been in there in Game 5 will help.” On Dwight Howard’s performance in Game 6: “His game the other night was nothing short of remarkable. His energy and intensity were off the charts. When he plays like that, his athleticism is so great that when he’s playing that hard it’s really, really difficult for people to keep up with him. When he’s standing around a little bit, it just becomes body on body, then I think other big, strong guys can neutralize him. But when it’s running, moving, and banging around, now you’ve got a whole different story.” “We’ve proven that we won’t die if we get behind, but obviously you’d rather not play from behind, especially being on the road, play out of a hole. But you have to play whatever situation ends up happening.” On experience: “That’s a little bit overrated. I think the playoff experience is important and great. But at the end of the day, it’s a basketball game. These guys have all played hundreds, even thousands of basketball games. They’ve all been in various places and various levels in very big games. Basketball is basketball.” “A lot of it will still come down to who makes shots and who doesn’t make shots. It becomes pretty simple at the end.” On Patrick Ewing’s guarantee: ESPN, among all people, they’ll blow anything out of proportion. It’s a ratings business, I understand that, but that’s all it was. It wasn’t like Patrick came out on his own and called a press conference to make this guarantee.

  • Rafer Alston
  • “The experience of playing a game 7 helps you. You have to go out there and play, keep your mind on the gameplan and not so much about pressing and having to win. It happens to a lot of players. On every team, there’s a couple guys that have been there. But I think it happens more to guys who haven’t been there.” “If you’re a fan of the game, you understand history. You can’t think about the aura of Boston while you’re playing. Days before, leading up to it, you have a thought in your mind about it. The history of that organization is to me one that is fascinating. It’s someone that can consistently get it done.” “You want to avoid slow starts. It’s a real key to get off to a good start. Not only to have the lead, but you don’t’ want to be behind by such a wide margin. If we can get out to a lead that’s great. But you don’t want to be down double-digit points early and try and fight to claw back.” “The key is I’ve consistently taken good shots. I may have one bad shot every third game or something like that, but I stay with the same shots. You’ll see me taking a 3 wide-open, you’ll see me drive and get to the floater, or try to get to the foul line. But other than that I’m not going to take a bad shot.”

  • Rashard Lewis
  • “It’s fun more than anything. You want to approach the game the way you would approach any other game. You don’t want to think about what would happen if you lose.” “It’s going to come to loose balls, rebounding and all those little things.”