Instant Reaction: Celtics 95, Magic 94


Here are some quick and random thoughts from the first half of Game 4. Check back after the final buzzer for second half thoughts. Check back soon for postgame reaction from both locker rooms and the debut of OMD photo galleries.

9:54 p.m 4:16 left in the third quarter – Magic trail by seven points and are in danger of letting this one get away. It’s been a weird game because it almost feels like the Magic are winning – until you look up at the scoreboard. The main problem seems to be that the Magic aren’t attacking the basket enough. 10:04 p.m. 1:51 left in the third quarter – Big Baby just missed both of his free throws after being knocked to the deck my Pietrus. The reaction from Comcast Sports Boston guys? An emphatic fist pound of the media table. 10:05 p.m. 1:20 left in the third quarter – Tony Battie just took a hard foul on Big Baby, this game is getting a little chippy all of a sudden. 10:09 p.m. END OF THIRD QUARTER – The Magic trail by eight after three, and I think this is going to be a tough deficit to overcome. Dwight is going to have to score 10 in the quarter in order for this series to be 3-1 heading back to Boston. 10:12 p.m. START OF THE FOURTH QUARTER – Paul Pierce is tearing it up tonight, but he has four fouls heading into the quarter. Will the Magic go at him early in the quarter and try to get him in foul trouble? 10:17 p.m. 9:20 left in the fourth quarter – Marcin Gortat doing it on both ends. He just got an offensive rebound and put back, then followed it up with a steal and in the process got Scalabrine to pick up his fifth foul. This guy does a lot off the bench, let’s hope he stays around after this season. 10:19 p.m. 8:58 left in the fourth quarter – Just got the stats through three quarters, Alston, Lee and Redick a combined 1-for-16 from the field. Now I know why the Magic are losing. 10:21 p.m. 8:50 left in the fourth quarter – Paul Pierce just picked up foul No. 5 but Doc isn’t taking him out. Will this gamble pay off? Analysis from the homer Comcast Boston guys? “That hurts” 10:25 p.m. 6:47 left in the fourth quarter – Dwight Howard catches a nice pass from Redick and finishes plus the foul. Too bad he can’t make his free throws. Analysis from the Boston guys? “Maul him! Maul him!” 10:27 p.m. 5:48 left in the fourth quarter – Big Baby just crashed into his own bench, taking out assistant coach Tom Thibodeau in the process. He’s a defensive guru so maybe the Magic can get going on the offensive end. 10:36 p.m. 3:52 left in the fourth quarter – I know it’s emotional in here but do the Magic fans have to boo after every foul call? 10:37 p.m. 3:36 left in the fourth quarter – Back-to-back buckets by Courtney Lee bring the Magic within one point. This guy plays like a 10-year vet. 10:38 p.m. 2:37 left in the fourth quarter – Another Boston turnover on a traveling call. Magic have the ball with a chance to take the lead. The arena is bumpin’ in anticipation for this possession. 10:40 p.m. 2:37 left in the fourth quarter – Zach has an 11 p.m. Deadline for the story he’s doing for the Boston Herald, will the game even be over by then? 10:43 p.m. :56.6 left in the fourth quarter – The Magic catch a break and will get another shot to take the lead. Stan Van takes a smart timeout. 10:45 p.m. :49.6 left in the fourth quarter – Two big free throws coming for Dwight. Zach’s deadline hangs in the balance. 10:46 p.m. 49.6 left in the fourth quarter – Dwight hits a pair of free throws to give the Magic the lead by one. No time out for the Celtics. 10:47 p.m. 16.7 left in the fourth quarter – After a big shot by Big Baby the Magic will have the ball with a chance to win. Who takes the big shot? 10:49 p.m. 11.3 left in the fourth quarter – Rashard Lewis finally does something he should have been doing the entire game, taking Big Baby to the basket. He gets fouled and hits a pair of free throws with 11.3 left in the game. Can Orlando keep it out of P.P.’s hands on this possession? 10:53 p.m. END OF GAME BOSTON 95, ORLANDO 94 – Big Baby his the buzzer beater. I hate to say it, but you can live with that shot.