How the Orlando Magic look in NBA 2K23

The Orlando Magic feel they might have their star in Paolo Banchero. The clock is already ticking to surround him with a title team. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
The Orlando Magic feel they might have their star in Paolo Banchero. The clock is already ticking to surround him with a title team. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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Mo Bamba, Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves
Mo Bamba had a strong season when given the opportunity. But he appears set to head to free agency. Mandatory Credit: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports /

Where the Orlando Magic rank in NBA 2K23

The Bench

Mo Bamba

Mo Bamba was the highest-rated player off the bench for the Orlando Magic at a 79. I think this is fitting. 2K did a pretty good job on some of these overall ratings, but once again there are a few issues.

His layup, post fade and offensive rebound ratings are astoundingly low.

For someone who is 7-foot tall with a 7-foot-10 foot wingspan and who shot 72.7 percent from within three feet of the basket, you would think he would have higher than a 74 layup. Clint Capela shot 68.4% from within three feet of the basket and got a 79 layup. Bamba should definitely be around an 85 layup rating.

He also was super effective from the post fade and made a good percentage of his post fade shots but got a 64. I think a mid-70s rating is due for him.

Lastly, his offensive rebound is a 66. Joel Embiid who averaged 2.1 offensive rebounds per game, the same as Bamba, got a 72 rating for offensive rebounding. Bamba had a lot of put-backs and second-chance points, and he was very active on the offensive boards. He should be at least the same as Embiid for sure.

Overall I think he is at the right rank.

Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac’s rating is a 78. No complaints at all, I think they got this one right as well.

Anyone thinking he should be higher, it is hard to give someone a ranking in the 80s ranking when they have not played in two years.

Isaac though always remains one of the most popular players in the game because of his defensive ability, no matter his overalll rating.

Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz got a 78 as well which again I think is right.

My only complaint is he has a 75 perimeter defense when he has an above-average defensive rating and is a good on-ball defender. I think this rating could go up to eighty, but the rest seems right to me.

Oddly though, NBA 2K lists Fultz coming off the Magic’s bench. There may be something to that. Cole Anthony had the better overall season as Markelle Fultz retuned late in the season.

But it is largely expected Fultz will take over the starting role. Perhaps that will be a bigger battle in training camp than we think.

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Chuma Okeke

Chuma Okeke got a 75 which I agree with. But some of the best parts of his game got absurdly low ratings. I am very angry with his three-point shot, his driving dunk and his post fade.

Okeke got a 50 driving dunk rating, but he made some absolute highlight reel dunks, all coming off drives. His driving dunk should be something in the 70s because he can fly.

Next is his three-point shot.

Although he had a down year in three-point shooting, he still made more than 100 threes and  took way more shots. He made a lot of catch-and-shoot threes, and should have better than a 74 rating. Cade Cunningham got an 80 overall three when he made fewer threes than Okeke at a worse percentage.

Okeke just needs to improve the percentage perhaps to get this rating where it deserves.

I think 2K definitely shows favoritism to the more known and popular players. Okeke should absolutely have around an 80 three-point rating.

Lastly, his post fade got a 52 when he was very effective in the post fade and went to it often as one of his go-to shots. It should be at least a 75 in my opinion.

Overall I think the rating is good although the argument for a 76 can be made.

Gary Harris

Gary Harris got a 74 overall which I think is extremely low for an 11-point-per-game scorer on good shooting, who plays good defense.

They gave him a 46 steal rating when he averaged a steal per game. Kelly Oubre who averaged the same got a 56. I think both of these are low, If you get a steal per game I think your steal should be in the sixties.

I think Harris overall could be about a 76 as he is still a very good contributing player.

Rounding out the roster, Moe Wagner got a 75, so did Terrance Ross. R.J. Hampton got a 72. Bol Bol got a 71. And Devin Cannady got a 67. I think all these were correct and I like the stats they gave them.

Overall 2K did a pretty good job on overall ratings aside from a few players. But the game was terrible on the attributes they gave the players. It sometimes makes you question if they even watch the games or if they pick numbers out of a hat.

The release of 2K is very exciting and it looks to be a fun game. But to the players, it is more than a game. It is based on their real-life play, so they like for their stats to be high.

NBA 2K will be updating these stats throughout the season. And the Magic will be eager to improve for their first update. It is almost expected they will.

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Magic fans who play 2K may not be satisfied with their favorite players’ ratings until 2K24, but watching them in real life will be much more enjoyable.