Orlando Magic Redraft: Where does Cole Anthony Rank among his draft class

Cole Anthony and R.J. Hampton made several clutch plays to give the Orlando Magic a win over the Utah Jazz. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Cole Anthony and R.J. Hampton made several clutch plays to give the Orlando Magic a win over the Utah Jazz. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /
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Cole Anthony, Orlando Magic
Cole Anthony’s role for the Orlando Magic is among the players likely to change as the team begins to enter its next phase. Mandatory Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports /

Redrafting the 2020 NBA Draft

What Anthony can do to improve his rank:

This class has only played two years in the league so these ranks are nowhere near final.

None of these players are in their prime. This list could be completely different in three to five years. Cole Anthony has plenty of time to make jumps and get better and potentially be a top three player in the class.

There are a few things he could do to improve.

Offensively he needs to become a more consistent finisher and shooter. Hopefully with some new help with Paolo Banchero being drafted, and Franz Wagner as well as Jalen Suggs looking to make a jump this year, this will take some of the offensive load and pressure off of him.

If teams are not primarily focused on him he can let the offense come to him rather then having to force it. This should automatically make his numbers jump. This has been the main focus of Anthony’s offseason work, at least with what he has shared on social media. It is a key to his ultimate growth in whatever role the Orlando Magic carve for him.

Defensively he needs to be a better defender, especially against the premier guards. His defensive rating was slightly below average so if he can pick that up then he will be a very well rounded player. His defensive field goal percentage from three and two were not great so he needs to really lock in on defense.

He has the athletic abilities and the IQ to do this he just needs to put it together on the court.

Some other things that can put him up in the rankings would be some accolades and things that are not exactly in his control.

If he can make an All-Star game or multiple, then that would definitely help his case.

This class already has an All-Star in LaMelo Ball. And Anthony Edwards looks like he will be one in the next coming years. This would be a big accolade for him to help. Further, Saddiq Bey has a 50-point game under his belt (against the Magic no less). The 2020 Draft class has exceeded its expectations for sure.

Winning would help his ranking out as well. Although it is not totally his fault for not being in a position to win, with the young Magic core getting better and more experienced, as well as the addition of what looks to be like a future superstar in Paolo Banchero, he should be a part of more victories.

With Anthony improving as well as the team improving he should also see some more meaningful games. If this team can make a push for a play in game or even a playoff spot in years to come, then he should get more recognition league-wide and should be making himself more of a household name.

With all this said Anthony has a big chance to up his rankings in his draft class and to become an overall better player. He the athleticism, skill set and IQ of a future star in the ranking. I predict that he could be a top three player in this class and be one of the league’s best players.

Magic fans have a lot to be excited about with Anthony’s improvement. He made a big jump from his rookie season to his second year and hopefully we will see another jump in his third year.

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The Magic, and the NBA, should make way as it looks like a future star in the works and is coming soon to a court near you.