Orlando Magic Shooting Month: Top 20 shooters in Orlando Magic history

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Top 20 Shooters in Orlando Magic History

4. Nick Anderson

By Omar Cabrera

Nick Anderson, the first draft pick the Orlando Magic ever made, also finds himself on the top shooter’s list.

For a time in the NBA that three-point shooting was not focused on, the Magic had good shooters on their roster, which included Anderson, who was also a scorer was also a capable shooter.

Anderson in his time with Orlando, was able to shoot better than 35 percent from three six times, which includes one season where he shot better than 40 percent.

Throughout the 1990s, the average percentage for three-point shooting was 34.7 percent, and Anderson hit that mark seven times during that time.

Anderson at the time was taking as many as 6.4 threes a game, while the league average throughout the 1990s was only 11.4 per game. Anderson continued to prove himself as a player who was willing to shoot threes but also capable of making threes.

To go along with his three-point percentages, Anderson also had his iconic moments throughout his career and one as a shooter. In 1998, Nick Anderson hit a game-winning three that made Magic fans around the world rejoice.

The Orlando Magic found themselves down by one point against Shaquille O’Neal and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Magic derailed with injuries that year turned to Anderson. He made the three, and proceeded to mock the Lakers by mimicking the Shaq dance running to the other end of the floor to win the game 96-94.

Anderson in his career, made himself a scorer and a shooter. The Magic were able to play their style of offense because they had shooters like Nick Anderson and, of course, others such as Dennis Scott.

Throughout his career, he proved to be able to shoot the ball effectively, which also helped his scoring ability. At the same time, Anderson has had iconic moments in Magic history in different aspects of his game. But because of the hole that O’Neal left in Orlando, his game-winner means all that more.

Anderson has a special spot in Magic fans’ hearts and, also finds himself on this list.