5 players to watch at Orlando Magic’s Summer League

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Paolo Banchero, Duke Blue Devils, Virginia Cavaliers
Paolo Banchero has all the tools to be a great offensive player. But other intangibles have him falling off the pace. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

5 players to watch on the Orlando Magic Summer League

The Rookie: Paolo Banchero

There is no getting around it, everyone is watching Paolo Banchero at this year’s NBA Summer League. He is the main attraction for every Orlando Magic game.

And for however long he ends up playing, the Magic are using this Summer League to get acclimated to their top overall pick and introduce him to the NBA and its concepts.

Banchero enters the league as a seeming top scorer, after averaging 17.2 points per game and shooting 55.7-percent true shooting percentage. He seemingly has every offensive skill a team would want from a top scorer.

He can hit from the mid-post, use his 6-foot-10, 250-pound frame to punish players on the low post and even step out beyond the arc. Many scouts believe Banchero could be among the best passers in the draft too. We will see just how good he is.

Orlando may very well put the ball in Banchero’s hands early and often. The focus, it seems, throughout the Summer League practice has been on emphasizing Banchero’s physicality. They want him to be a beast in the paint and get after players on the low block.

His size is the biggest fascination. As is his versatility.

Orlando likely will not put all of those skills on display in Summer League. The team is likely looking to use him in very specific ways and just dip his toes in the water. There will be September pick-up runs and training camp to further explore his game.

And knowing how the Magic handled both Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner last year, they may look for him to master one specific skill or role and then begin to expand his game. But then again, Banchero might be good enough to demand more and demand more quickly.

That will be part of what the Magic try to discover throughout Summer League.

No matter what Banchero ends up showing, all eyes will be on him every moment he is on the court.