Orlando Magic 2021 NBA Draft Big Board 2.0: Sorting through the tiers

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Scottie Barnes, Florida State Seminoles, Colorado Buffaloes
Florida State forward Scottie Barnes’ unique ability as a ball-handling forward makes him one of the top prospects in this Draft class. Mandatory Credit: Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports /

Orlando Magic Big Board Tier III

Consolation Prizes

The addition of a second pick for the Orlando Magic to this draft should not affect who the Magic take with their first pick. But they are going to dig in and look at some of these players in the next tier. Because the next group of players are all very similar and could very well go in any order.

And the Magic, even if they land at six, could find two players they really like at eight or nine. Even if neither of those players looks like potential stars. There are still a lot of good players available.


Scottie Barnes F

Florida State Seminoles
Florida State Seminoles /

UP 1

A lot of these guys in this tier especially are going to splitting hairs. Your view will be just as good as mine.

I have slide Scottie Barnes up a spot from our last big board because of how unique his skill set is (and how much Moses Moody struggled in the NCAA Tournament).

Barnes essentially played like Florida State’s point guard in their egalitarian system. The 6-foot-9 forward averaged 10.3 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game in 24.8 minutes per game. Barnes has a good defensive body and plenty of versatility to spare.

The question for him is what happens when he scales his minutes up — Florida State usually is so locked in as a team and so full of talent that a lot of guys are sort of pushed to the side in the mix to be a better team. The same happened to Jonathan Isaac when he was clearly the most talented player on that team. And then whether he can improve enough as a shooter.

A situation like Orlando would be good for Barnes. They have other similar forwards he can play behind and get some experience as the team builds itself back up.

What the Magic should be looking for in this group are players who either have a specialized skill already developed with a ceiling to grow or players with unique versatility and attributes. That is why I have Barnes ahead of the rest.


Moses Moody G/F

Arkansas Razorbacks
Arkansas Razorbacks /


I might be a bit higher on Moses Moody than some others. I think among the scorers in this Draft that are not considered surefire All-Stars, Moody’s game will translate best to the next level. A lot of that is because I believe he can play without the ball.

The going belief is that Moody is the best 3-and-D prospect in the Draft. There might be something to that. His plus wingspan projects him as a strong defender. He shot 35.8-percent on 3-pointers and 81.2-percent from the foul line. The belief is that if he is on the ball less, his shooting percentage will spike.

There could be something to that. While Moody probably will not be a top scorer, his ability to score off the dribble and create some space should be considered a plus. He will have a game where he scores at that level. If his career tracks a player like Will Barton as a 3-and-D player, he will be very valuable.

His poor NCAA Tournament was only a sign that he probably is not a future primary scorer. So fitting him into the right role will be a key to his success. But there is a lot to like.


Corey Kispert F

Gonzaga Bulldogs
Gonzaga Bulldogs /

UP 3

Corey Kispert might well be the best shooter in the NBA Draft. He did a good job working off the ball and off cuts especially for the Gonzaga juggernaut. He shot 44.0-percent from beyond the arc in averaging 18.6 points per game. His percentages went up as his role increased too — also a product of the increased talent on the Gonzaga team.

Kispert is a bit contained in what his role could be. He is a shooter first and foremost. And it is hard to imagine him doing a lot more. He can work some pick and roll and simple dribble moves.

But the Magic need shooting above everything else. And Kispert is the best in this draft at providing that.