5 questions the Orlando Magic have to answer to finish the season

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R.J. Hampton, Orlando Magic
R.J. Hampton was seeking an opportunity on the court. The young Orlando Magic have given him every chance to shine. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports /

Will the Magic stay competitive?

It was clear that after the trade, the Orlando Magic were likely not going to make the playoffs, but the question is still how is the team going to compete. The Magic have a 2-8 record with five double-digit losses, which includes a 23-, 37- and 46-point loss.

There has always been an argument about the best way to develop young talent. Whether it be playing a lot of minutes or playing meaningful games, it is clear that losing this badly is not developing anyone.

The Magic are falling behind early and are having a hard time even keeping the games close. This creates bad habits. It is going to be hard to break these habits.

The Magic have to find a way to keep games close and play meaningful minutes within games since the season is lost at this point. Orlando may know it is not likely to win many games and that some blowout losses are possible, but the team needs some level or organization and competitiveness to properly evaluate these young players and figure out how to grow and build.

Garbage time minutes do not teach coaches or players anything.

The Orlando Magic play the Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, and Huston Rockets in their next three games. All of these teams having losing records, as the Bulls have the best record of that group with a 22-31 record. These next stretch of games are important for this team to create opportunities to win and give their young players a chance to play meaningful minutes.

Orlando is going has to find a way to keep these games close.

Steve Clifford stated recently that no one is getting better in blowout losses. The Magic have to take advantage of these stretches of games to give their young players chances to play in close games, or it is going to be a long end to the season.