5 players the Orlando Magic could sign with extra roster spots

Vic Law has had a stellar rookie season earning a two-way contract with the Orlando Magic. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Vic Law has had a stellar rookie season earning a two-way contract with the Orlando Magic. (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /
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Gerald Green, Houston Rockets, Orlando Magic
Gerald Green is an athletic ace who can get hot from beyond the arc. He could be the kind of veteran the Orlando Magic might look to add beyond this year. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

The Veteran Option — Gerald Green

Still, teams can also find veteran players to help boost the roster. This is probably a short-term boost for teams trying to make something happen this year.

Fans have quickly turned their attention to Jamal Crawford and J.R. Smith (both eligible because they have not played outside the NBA this year). The Memphis Grizzlies signed Anthony Tolliver and the Sacramento Kings surprisingly signed Corey Brewer.

The Brewer case is certainly interesting above all others. He had not played with the Kings at all this year. And it seems like Sacramento was bringing in a veteran to boost the team and try to end that franchise’s playoff drought.

The Magic are not quite in that position. They are not that desperate to make the Playoffs and really the only way they can move up is to get seventh. That is hardly a crowning prize. Orlando might have made a similar move that Sacramento made if it was trying to break a playoff drought.

Is there a veteran the Magic could grab?

If familiarity is what they are looking for, fans have point toward someone like Lance Stephenson, who played for Steve Clifford with the Charlotte Hornets. But Stephenson is ineligible to join teams in the campus setting because he played in China this year.

But that is sort of the idea the Magic would likely go for if they decide to add a more veteran player. After all, that worked in signing Michael Carter-Williams and that worked well (not so much with Gary Clark, who had not played for Clifford before).

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The options on that front are still pretty slim.

It is hard to view the Magic as being players for any major free agent in this front. Brewer actually would have been an interesting player to add for the Magic for his length and his defense. He would have fit right in and could possibly spot some minutes at power forward.

This just may not be a viable avenue for the team to pursue.

The best option for the Magic honestly might be Trey Burke. He played for the Philadelphia 76ers before getting cut in February, averaging 5.9 points per game and hitting 42.1-percent of his 3-point shots. That is a good sign for him as his outside shot was one of the things holding him back.

For spot minutes to help boost the point guard spot, he might be someone who could help the team and give them a boost off the bench in that way.

More likely, they want to find another wing forward to play alongside Aaron Gordon if they are going the veteran route. They want this person to play.

That might end up being a player like Gerald Green.

Green broke his foot and was cut by the Rockets. He could be ready to play though with the time that has passed.

But going from a player recovering from injury in Jonathan Isaac to another player recovering from injury is a bit risky. Unless the plan is to sign him to a multi-year contract and use it as a veteran investment for next year — it is not clear if teams can sign multi-year deals in this transaction window.

A move like this is essentially an audition for next year in a lot of ways. Because it is hard to envision any one player making that much of an impact.

Next. Advantage within the bubble will go to the teams that stayed in shape. dark

The Magic are likely going to play things safe with these extra roster spots. They are likely going to go with someone they know to help supplement the roster.