NBA announces prospects to appear at NBA Draft Combine

The NBA Draft is quickly coming into focus as the NBA Draft Combine is set to begin next week. The league announced the players who will attend.

NBA Draft season is upon the league now. Or at least the teams that are no longer in the Playoffs. It has been a long time coming.

And the majority of the league — if not all the league — will descend upon Chicago next week to learn a whole lot more about the future of their franchises and the league itself.

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place next Tuesday in Chicago. The Orlando Magic will learn their fate and whether they will stick with the fifth pick in the draft or if one of their 88 lottery combinations will pop up to land them the top pick or one of the top three.

That will only set the stage for the work that will come for the Magic and the other teams in the NBA. The league, as an enticement to get the top prospects to show up and participate, will hold its annual NBA Draft Combine in Chicago in the days after the Lottery next week.

Thursday and Friday of next week, these prospects will get their measurements. Many of them will go through individual and team drills. All hoping to climb draft boards and get noticed.

Most importantly, Wednesday and Thursday many of these prospects will meet representatives with each team for the first time.

And many of the biggest prospects will be in attendance. The NBA announced the list of 69 prospects who will attend the NBA Draft Combine next week.

Among them are expected top prospects Marvin Bagley III, Mohamed Bamba, Mikal Bridges, Jaren Jackson Jr., Collin Sexton, Michael Porter Jr. and Trae Young. Noticeably absent among the American prospects is Deandre Ayton. Slovenian guard Luka Doncic will not conduct any pre-draft workouts with Real Madrid’s season still in progress.

Regardless of where the Magic end up picking, this event will provide them a critical opportunity to meet with many of these top prospects for the first time. The interviews that come at the Combine are often more important than the drills and measurements.

It still seems unlikely the top prospects will participate in any of the individual drills or even the measurements. Many of them are there simply to introduce themselves to the teams who might pick them for the first time in the scheduled interviews.

For sure, teams are beginning to plan their draft strategies now. They will figure out who they want to talk to at the event.

Orlando still has to hire a coach. And surely the Magic would like a new coach involved in the draft process, including the Combine. But with a week to go before the Draft Lottery, the NBA Draft process is about to kick into high gear.