Aaron Gordon is already a superstar… in Uncle Drew

Aaron Gordon is set to star in the upcoming Uncle Drew film. He may be one of the antagonists, but at least he has achieved movie star status.

You may or may not be aware of this… Uncle Drew is becoming a movie.

Yes, somehow Kyrie Irving (and probably Pepsi) finagled his amusing makeup-heavy 30-second commercial series into a full-length feature film coming out this summer.

Irving, who stars as the eponymous Uncle Drew, gathers together his team of geriatrics — which will include Shaquille O’Neal, Reggie Miller and Lisa Leslie among plenty others — to try to win a Rucker Park league for some reason.

The plot details do not matter. What matters is that Irving dribbles around non-NBA players and makes them look pretty silly.

What is of note in this is Aaron Gordon also stars in the film. That has been known for a while. The movie was filmed last summer. And Gordon is merely credited as “Harlem Basketball Player” on IMDB. But it seems like Gordon’s role is going to be bigger than initially believed.

At least if the latest trailer is to be believed:

The official plot summary says Dax, played Lil Rel Howery, sinks all his money into winning a Rucker Park basketball tournament. Only to lose his team to his rival, played by Nick Kroll. If the trailer is to be believed, one of those players Kroll steals away is none other than Gordon. His “superstar” as Tiffany Haddish’s character puts it in the trailer.

See, we all knew Aaron Gordon was a superstar. It just took a fictitious movie starring retired players playing older versions of themselves to confirm that.

This is Gordon’s first movie role. Hopefully, it does not turn out as bad as Kazaam.

It should be a good time filled with jokes and plenty of basketball with young guys playing old guys embarrassing young guys. If it keeps the fun spirit of the original Pepsi commercials, it should be worth at least a little bit of a look.

Uncle Drew is due out in theaters June 29.