Magic History Video Vault

YouTube is a mine of old Magic videos. . . if you know where to look. To help you put all those old Magic games and videos in one place, I am providing this resource full of videos of old Magic games found on YouTube.

Please peruse the links and watch the video at your leisure. I would love your suggestions on the best way to organize this (and I will sort through and create separate pages for landmark seasons and series as needed). If you have suggestions on how to organize and create this page better or if you find better versions of the games below (full games are better than highlights!) or if you want to suggest a game to add, please e-mail me at [email protected]

The one resource you should definitely check out is the Orlando Sentinel’s Magic Vault. Although it has not been updated since 2009, this is an incredible database of game recaps from the Orlando Sentinel dating back to the inaugural season. Also check out the Basketball-Reference box score database. That site has the box score from every game dating back to the inaugural 1946-47 season.


1989-90 Season

June 27, 1990: 1990 NBA Draft

December 30, 1990

Orlando Magic
Denver Nuggets

Orlando Sentinel . . . Basketball-Reference . . . Orlando Magic Daily

June 26, 1991: 1991 NBA Draft

1992-93 Season

1993-94 Season

1994-95 Season

1995 Playoffs

1995 NBA Finals

1995-96 Season

1996 Playoffs

1996-97 Season

1997-98 Season

1999 Season

1999-2000 Season

2000-01 Season

2001 Playoffs

2001-02 Season

2002 Playoffs

2002-03 Season

2003 Playoffs

2003-04 Season

2004-05 Season

2005-06 Season

2006-07 Season

2007-08 Season

2008-09 Season

2009 Playoffs

2009-10 Season

2010 Playoffs

2010-11 Season

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2014-15 Season