Matt Guokas releases statement on departure

The Magic surprisingly let Matt Guokas go as the team's television analyst and the reason was not entirely clear. That reason will probably not be made clear any time soon. And it will probably end with this statement issued from Matt Guokas (as reported by Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel and David Baumann of Sports Talk Florida) on Monday.

While the organization has decided to go in another direction, I appreciate the opportunity that the DeVos family has given me over the years. I want to thank the fans at the games, arena workers and people that I come across around town. I am grateful for their support.

Magic spokesman Joel Glass told Baumann a "league-wide search" to fill the color analyst position for Magic TV broadcasts.

The news has spread among the NBA media and blogosphere and League Pass viewers and nobody is particularly happy about Guokas stepping away. Guokas sometimes got a little acerbic and that is what made him unique among local broadcasters and that is what made him great among many of the sometimes too eagerly homer local broadcasters around the league. Maybe that had something to do with his departure . . . maybe it did not.

It is too early in the process, I guess, to say who will replace Guokas. Magic broadcasts will be very different for sure. It will be tough to replace Guokas, the next guy will have big shoes to fill.