Stan Van Gundy on CNN?

Yes, it is true. The former Magic coach and current NBC Sports Network and Radio analyst was on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight last night as part of a roundtable discussing all the day's hot-button issues.

No, he was not talking about Dwight Howard's future or LeBron James' push for another MVP award. Basketball was not even mentioned.

Van Gundy was there for another reason. To talk about Rihanna and the double standard for celebrities? Or how about obesity in America? Gun control? The Pope's resignation?

Yes, this is serious. Van Gundy joined a panel with . . . I am not sure who. And it may not have really mattered. All they seemed interested in doing was yelling at each other and talking over each other. Stan certainly seemed a bit like a fish out of water.

What he did contribute to the discussion was actually pretty informative and decently researched. He knew he was out of his element. It was either a great moment or a sad moment that Van Gundy was called upon to comment on serious issues.

Then again, Van Gundy has never been shy about expressing his opinions on real issues. He always said that basketball was relatively meaningless compared to real issues and he was always willing to talk about politics and current events with the media. It made sense for him to talk about these issues out of any other sports figure I can think of.

But why Van Gundy?

He joked it was specifically to talk about the obesity issue in the video above. Van Gundy is always full of levity.

You can see why he is great on television. He is comfortable giving his opinion and knows when it is his turn to speak. And when he says something it is usually pretty informative and a good point. He makes great points even when he is out of his element.

Man, he would have been great talking about his expertise — basketball — on a regular basis for a national network. I wonder who missed the boat on that… hmm.

(h/t Sam Gardner of Fox Sports and Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post)