Stan Van Gundy talks offseason, lineups and Matt Barnes

A day before the rest of the media will speak to Stan Van Gundy, Otis Smith and Matt Barnes (we will have that later today) at Barnes’ introductory press conference, Van Gundy spoke to the Sentinel’s Josh Robbins about the offseason, Barnes and several other buzz topics. Van Gundy’s quotes don’t exactly set the world on fire, but here’s a little bit of what he had to say during this slow time of year.

“Otis has done a tremendous job, I think, not only in signing good players but really getting pieces that have a very good chance of fitting together well,” Van Gundy said. “I think that we’ve got several very versatile guys. I think we’ve got about every situation covered. I don’t think that there’s really any kind of lineup that we can’t play.”

On the Magic playing with a more conventional lineup:

“I think we certainly have that option to play that way, but I think at the same time, we’ve still got very much the ability to spread people out and play the way we’ve played in the past,” Van Gundy said.

“Brandon certainly gives us a chance to play more conventionally at times and get a more physical presence, but at the same time, I think we also can do even more in terms of keeping the floor spread out.”

On Matt Barnes:

“The thing he brings to us that we haven’t had enough of is he’s an excellent passer,” Van Gundy said. “He really, really understands how to play the game and how to play with other people. I think guys are going to enjoy playing with him. He’s a pretty good ball-handler. He can shoot the 3. He’s a very solid rebounder.”

For the rest, click here. And Matt Barnes’ will speak to the media later today, so feel free to check back for that.