A little self-promotion, others-promotion and an update on Matt Barnes

  • Head on over to Hardwood Paroxysm and check out the Podcast, on which I made an appearance. And if anyone listens to it, know that I didn’t intend to insult Darrell Armstrong – he’s one of my favorite Magic players ever, as you’d expect.
  • Check out this story on Ball Don’t Lie: The Orlando Magic are Stacked. Kelly Dwyer – one of the most respected NBA bloggers alive and someone who watches more basketball than some coaches – fawns over the moves the Magic have made this offseason. An excerpt:

    This team is stacked. Replacing Hedo’s 17-5-5-on 41 percent shooting line is Carter, who somehow managed a 21-5-5-on 44 percent shooting line last year, even while being dragged down by the weight of his massive contract and all the hatred and enmity we have for the man. Replacing Tony Battie’s(notes) fruitless (if well intentioned) minutes during last year’s Finals will be Bass, who merely scores at a very efficient rate, rebounds, and works well away from the ball. Replacing a 23-year old Dwight Howard(notes) will be a 24-year old Dwight Howard. Replacing Rafer Alston(notes) and iffy minutes from Jameer Nelson(notes) will be 30+ strong minutes from a healthy, All-Star level Jameer Nelson. The Magic need a backup point guard, but guess what? Gortat, with his blessing, can be traded for one six weeks into the season.

  • The Painted Area counts down the top 40 plays of the playoffs, and the Magic are well-represented. Here’s 40-13 and here is 12-1. I’d suggest sticking with the first post, because it includes dunks from Dwight Howard, Marcin Gortat and Courtney Lee. And the top play of the playoffs is probably not something you want to see.
  • There are several new videos of Dwight Howard at his Web site, including his appearance on Sportscenter and his first time playing NBA Live 2010.
  • And lastly, if you didn’t see it, an update on the Matt Barnes-to-Orlando situation from the Orlando Sentinel.

    When asked if there’s a contract offer on the table, Goodwin said he doesn’t discuss contracts in the media. He did say other teams have shown interest in Barnes and this about the Magic: “The interest is definitely mutual. Matt obviously likes the Magic and likes what’s going on there. But the conversations haven’t gotten to the point where anything’s imminent.”