Tyler Hansbrough on playing against Ryan Anderson

Tyler Hansbrough faced his toughest test of the week on Friday, matching up with Ryan Anderson in the summer league game between Indiana and Orlando. Hansbrough played his worst game yet, scoring five points on 1-of-5 shooting and grabbing nine boards in a little less than 16 minutes. Anderson struggled as well, putting up a week-low six points and fouling out. Anderson did grab ten rebounds, though. I was able to catch up with Hansbrough after the game. Here’s what he had to say about playing against Anderson: “It’s good to go out there and play against a guy who has some experience playing in the NBA. Unfortunately I only played a half today because I got into a little bit of foul trouble and because I got kicked in the shin. “He’s just a shooter, so you have to guard his shot. If you don’t get up on him he’ll be able to make the shot all day. So basically that’s what I was trying to do. “He did a pretty good job on post defense. He’s OK down there.”