Don’t get too attached

The most animated player on the hard court for the Orlando Magic may not return next year.  Rafter Alston, acquired after Jameer Nelson’s injury, still has another season on his contract.  A Rafer Alston trade could be needed for team unity.  With the amount of talent the Magic have at the point guard position its not possible to give the players the amount of playing time they deserve.  Did you ever notice Anthony Johnson’s expression when they showed the Magic bench during the finals?  He sure didn’t seem to enjoy his court side seat, after helping the Magic reach the finals.

Without a first or second round pick in the NBA draft, the Magic could use Alston as a bargaining tool to find a replacement if Hedo Turkoglu goes through with opting out of his contract.  Rafer’s behind the back passes and threes, made much of Orlando fall for him, and it will be sad to watch him go, even though its best for the team.

In other news, Orlando is soon be home to another professional sports team in the United Football League.  Last night was the first draft of the league.  You can can look over the 24 player roster and try to find a name you recognize.