Bill and Jalen Compare the Magic to Will Smith

Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are doing their NBA team previews on Grantland and have slotted the Orlando Magic as team #25, one spot above the Los Angeles Lakers.  If you can make sense of their Magic-Will Smith comparison, let us know in the comments below.

Overall, Simmons and Rose were very complimentary of the Magic and their past draft, but think there are still some growing pains to weather.  Simmons picked Elfrid Payton for Rookie of the Year, but they both said that Jacque Vaughn would not be around much longer.

Ryan Anderson declares ‘Space Jam’ best basketball movie

Forget about Michael Jordan for a bit. Bill Murray is the deciding factor for Ryan Anderson. Space Jam is the greatest basketball movie of all time according to the New Orleans Pelicans forward, upsetting Hoosiers on its way to a championship. Even though Anderson himself is a white man who cannot jump (his words, not […]