Defense Does It Against Bobcats

When the Magic and Bobcats met in the Playoffs two years ago, defense was the calling card for both teams. Then the top two teams in the league by defensive efficiency the NBA was treated to a four-game series of some hard-nosed defense. Charlotte has completely remade its roster since then and some of that […]

Magic Wands: at Bobcats 12/30

Score Time Left Off. Rtg. eFG% O.Reb.% TOR FTR Orlando 100 Pace: 92 109.2 51.2 32.6 10.4 16.7 Charlotte 79 Final 86.9 39.2 25.5 11.7 16.9 Follow us at @OMagicDaily! Charlotte, N.C. (2-1) vs. (1-1)   Time/TV: 7 p.m./Sun SportsLine: Orlando by 4.5Tickets: $40-$1000 on TiqIQSeason Series: Tonight in Charlotte; Jan. 17 in Orlando; March 6 […]

What Does Dwight REALLY Want? Part 4: The Marketing

Shaquille O’Neal in his never-ending battle to disparage Orlando on his way out the door for short-changing him and supposedly turning their back on him as he sought the best contract for him. He called Orlando a “dried up little pond” in his youthful arrogance. O’Neal was partially right. Not about the dried up part. […]

Blocking Speculation, Magic’s Defense Makes Stand

Dwight Howard seemed to erase any distraction or talk of his uncertain future with one wave of his imposing arm. This game was not going to be dominated by talk or by speculation. Thursday’s matchup between the Magic and the Nets was going to be about just that — the Magic and the Nets. Dwight […]

Magic Wands: vs. Nets (12/29)

Score Time Left Off. Rtg. eFG% O.Reb.% TOR FTR New Jersey 78 Final 84.6 41.6 20.5 14.8 18.2 Orlando 94 Pace: 94 100.0 50.0 25.0 12.4 16.0 Follow us at @OMagicDaily! Orlando, Fla. (1-1) vs. (1-1)   Time/TV: 7 p.m./FSFloridaLine: Orlando by 11.5Tickets: $39-$500 on TiqIQSeason Series: Tonight in Orlando; Feb. 22 in Newark; March 16 […]

Returning A Championship Attitude

Orlando’s first round exit has the Magic fan’s self-esteem pretty low. The Dwight Howard trade rumors remain rampant and the franchise’s future remains unsettled. This is a team that still has championship aspirations and championship expectations, even if the talent level on the roster, last year’s results and the experts say they do not. The […]

Courtney Lee Seen Center Of Magic Trade Storm

Courtney Lee misses a lot about Orlando. There were undoubtedly a lot of good memories in Lee’s rookie and only season in Orlando. The team went to the NBA Finals and Lee was a (possibly goaltended) layup away from winning Game Two in Los Angeles and a tied series heading back to Orlando. One thing […]

Magic Drive To Finish Off Rockets

The game can look so easy when the shots come so close. The inside-out game seems so simple when it is executed effectively. It can make any team seem like world beater. The Magic certainly know that after seeing the stark difference between their efforts in the opener at Oklahoma City and the effort Monday […]

Magic Wands: vs. Rockets 12/26

Score Time Left Off. Rtg. eFG% O.Reb.% TOR FTR Houston 95 Final 107.0 47.6 27.5 9.0 20.7 Orlando 104 Pace: 92 112.6 58.4 16.7 11.2 8.4 Follow us at @OMagicDaily! Orlando, Fla. (0-0) vs. (0-1)   Time/TV: 7 p.m./NBATV, Sun SportsLine: Orlando by 5.5Tickets: $34-$374 on TiqIQSeason Series: Tonight in Orlando

Never-Ending NBA Preview: A Rose Improved His Game

The NBA season is here… finally. With that in mind, it is time to flip through the book on the 2011-12 season and to take a look at what the season might have in store — especially when it comes to the Magic. Be sure to look out for more of these team capsules and […]

Overwhelmed In Oklahoma

Oklahoma City has the future right in front of them. They know the championship is within their grasp after reaching the Western Conference Finals last year and being almost ordained as the favorites to reach the Finals in this 66-game season. They looked it in the first game. The Magic? They looked like they were […]

Magic Wands: at Thunder 12/25

Score Time Left Off. Rtg. eFG% O.Reb.% TOR FTR Orlando 89 Final 92.3 42.0 28.0 16.3 25.9 Oklahoma City 97 Pace: 92 104.9 54.2 18.4 16.1 26.4 Follow us at @OMagicDaily! Oklahoma City, Okla. (0-0) vs. (0-0)   Time/TV: 8 p.m./ESPN, Sun SportsLine: Oklahoma City by 7.5Tickets: $150-$385 on TiqIQSeason Series: Tonight in Oklahoma City, March […]

What Does Dwight REALLY Want? Part 3: The List

There is no telling if the Dwight Howard drama would be playing out the way it is if it were not for the Carmelo Anthony trade drama that occurred throughout last season and the LeBron James Decision last summer. Those two events seemingly completely changed the process of free agency and the leverage players have. […]

A Second Chance For Quentin Richardson & Chris Duhon

Quentin Richardson and Chris Duhon started 2010-11 in the rotation. By December, it was clear Orlando could not do much with them in the lineup. The trades came and Richardson and Duhon found themselves relegated to bench warming and limited action. It was not the role either likely imagined when they signed with Orlando for […]

Magic Just Ready For Season

At long last, it is final here. Sunday will mark the beginning of the journey but the end of a long one too. Funny how that works out… every beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. The last beginning came on July 1 when the owners locked out the players and began intense and contentious […]