What would make a successful Draft?

What they must accomplish: Orlando has made all the right moves in their rebuilding plan, but there still isn’t much of a sense of forward momentum with the team. That needs to change with this draft, and it could if the Magic end up with a Rookie of the Year candidate, plus a second rotational player in the same round. A young foundation of, say, Embiid/Exum/Wiggins, Vucevic, Oladipo, Harkless, Harris and Stauskas/Smart/McDermott would set up Orlando for some serious ladder climbing in the near future.”

-Bradford Doolittle of ESPN Insider

Certainly the Magic have put a lot of eggs into the basket of the NBA Draft this year with the talent that are there. They have the fourth pick and there was a tinge of disappointment that they did not “win” the Lottery and get a shot at making the bigger decision. The Magic are going to get a player they can value however.

Whether that is a foundational player is another question entirely.

And that is what the Magic are searching for as they enter a critical year in this rebuild.