Updated Lottery Watch

The good news is the Magic will not repeat with the worst record in the league this year. The bad news is that means the Magic will have less than a 25 percent chance of getting the top pick and less than 50 percent chance of getting a top three pick. Their fate lies with the ping pong balls.

So the Magic are climbing down the standings and their Lottery chances are getting better(?).

The Magic can clinch no better than the third best chance at winning the lottery with any combination of one win or one Sixers loss. So it is looking more and more like the Magic will be locked into the third worst record in the league.

That is except for the Celtics. Boston is now just one game ahead of Orlando in the standings with each team having five games remaining. I am not doing a schedule breakdown, just know that fact as we head down the stretch. Orlando does not play any teams that are not in the Playoffs the rest of the way…

On the WoNK front, the Nuggets are about as low as they can go. They are two games ahead of the Cavaliers and can clinch no better than the 10th best lottery odds with any combination of three wins or three Cavaliers losses. It looks like that pick will come in at 10th, 11th or 12th best lottery odds with Denver tied with New York and New Orleans.

The Knicks are obviously the team to watch right now for Magic fans. They are right outside the Playoffs at a game behind the Hawks for the final Playoff spot. Otherwise the Magic are looking at a pick in the 11 or 12 range. If they do not make the Playoffs.