Rumor Roundup: All is quiet. . . for now

The NBA Trade Deadline is today at 3 p.m. There are sure to be lots of rumors flying around as the Magic have three veteran players — Arron Afflalo, Jameer Nelson and Glen Davis — that appear ripe to be moved. Orlando is always keeping an eye on things and we will too throughout the day as rumors pour in before the deadline.

Jameer Nelson 'safe bet' to stay put

This can change very quickly, but Joe Kepner of WFTV Channel 9 reports it is a "safe bet" that Jameer Nelson stays with the Magic past the deadline.

This is not entirely surprising. Nelson might have the most trade-friendly contract of the Magic's trade chips. He is only guaranteed $2 million next year, the final year of a three-year, $24 million deal. Nelson should still have some value as a veteran point guard you can bring off the bench.

There is also some of the sentimentality involved. The Magic as an organization value the fact Nelson has stated he wants to spend his entire career in Orlando. Coming out of the Dwight Howard fiasco, that message really resonates with them. So while Nelson could get some value in the trade market, it does not feel like the team will pull the trigger unless they get a really good deal.

That is the general motto when it comes to Rob Hennigan's approach to the trade deadline. He is going to listen to everything that comes across his desk, but he is going to maintain a patient approach and measure what the value is on his players.

The Magic are a rebuilding team and Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders has been saying for a while now that the Magic are reluctant to move their veterans unless they get the right package. But that changes as you get closer to the deadline, he said, as offers change. Last year, the Magic seemed set to keep J.J. Redick before pulling the trigger on a deal just four minutes before the deadline.

Glen Davis does not have much value

One Magic player that Magic fans almost universally want to see traded is Glen Davis. He just does not fit what the team wants to do and is standing in the way of some young players development — where have you gone Andrew Nicholson?

The unfortunate part is that Davis does not have a ton of trade value. It is going to take a lot to move him, like budging on what the Magic want in return:

Davis has struggled mightily. He takes a lot of questionable mid-range jumpers and his defense has fallen off.

So no matter how much the Magic might want to trade him, someone also has to want to take him. And that appears to be the biggest problem for Orlando. They might be trying to package Afflalo and Davis together to sweeten the pot. But the Magic value Afflalo a lot too.

Bobcats interested in Afflalo

There are certainly many teams interested in Arron Afflalo. He was nearly an All Star this year and is a great leader in the locker room. Lots of teams could use a hard-working guard like Afflalo who has only gotten better with each succeeding year. Afflalo is probably in a role that does not fit him and you can tell he is hungry to win.

So the Bobcats, hoping to make the Playoffs this season, are continuing their pursuit of Afflalo, according to Sean Deveney of the Sporting News:

The Bobcats have also expressed interest in Orlando guard Arron Afflalo going back almost two months now, and the possibility of absorbing his contract before Thursday’s deadline is a consideration, too.

The Bobcats are also talking with the Pelicans about acquiring Anthony Morrow, but Afflalo would be the real prize.

Charlotte's main assets are Ben Gordon's expiring contract and Bismack Biyombo. That is what the team wants to offer. Will the Magic make that kind of a deal for Afflalo? I think Orlando values Afflalo much more and know there might be a better deal out there for him. That appears to be what the Magic are thinking too.

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