NBA’s best loving Victor Oladipo at Team USA camp

The following quotes via John Denton of

“He’s a great player already. I love how he plays and he plays with so much confidence. He totally deserves to be up here (with team USA) and I’m already a big fan of his. I love how he takes the game so serious.

“I’m here for him if he ever needs me. I know how serious he takes it. He’s such a talent with his size, what he can do on the floor and how he reads opponents, especially defensively. He’s a big-time talent.”

–Bulls guard Derrick Rose

“There’s so much happening for Vic in such a short period of time and I’m really excited for him. I’m so happy that he’s getting this opportunity because he is absolutely like a sponge and he’s soaking in everything. As a fellow Maryland and D.C. native I’m happy he’s doing well and I’m pulling for him.”

–Thunder forward Kevin Durant

Victor Oladipo is working with the U.S. National Team as part of the Select Team, a group of young players the program wants to get involved and potentially bring up to the senior national team in the future. They are scrimmaging against the players in consideration for Team USA and their trip to the FIBA World Cup in August.