Magic trade plans uncertain

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The trade deadline will be coming up very quickly. We are two weeks away from the trade deadline and the Magic are very much at the center of trade deadline talks.

With Orlando in rebuilding mode, everyone assumes the Magic's high-value veterans like Arron Afflalo, Jameer Nelson and Glen Davis are available for the right package. The Magic should be assessing every option available to them.

Nothing fills my inbox more than what the Magic might do before the trade deadline. It is the burning question as Orlando moves on with its rebuilding process.

Do not be so sure that the Magic make a move however. Like last year, it appears the Magic will take the same stance and make a deal only if it helps them with their rebuild. They will not make a trade just to make a trade. That is what Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders suggests:

The Magic are like the pretty girl at the dance. Everyone is calling, but not much is happening. The Magic played the J.J. Redick situation almost exactly like this a year ago, rebuffing calls on their players that clearly do not fit in the long-term. The Magic could and likely will change course as the deadline and the offers get real, but don’t be surprised if Orlando sits out the trade deadline and makes their moves around the draft to jockey for better draft position or to swap veterans for better fitting rookie scale players. Magic guard Arron Afflalo is the top incoming request; however, it seems unless moving Afflalo yields another lottery pick or a means to thin out the roster, the Magic may pass. Admittedly that was Orlando’s move with Redick, and they ultimately made a trade so don’t count Orlando out. They are just squarely on the fence about making a trade.

Indeed a lot of teams would probably love to add an All-Star snub like Arron Afflalo. He is a veteran who can fill multiple roles and be a strong scorer and leader for a young team. That is why the Magic like him so much, and why it remains unlikely the team would trade him unless they get a first round pick or some prized young asset in return.

Jameer Nelson too has a lot of value, especially for a team in the Playoff hunt. Nelson has one more year left on his deal, but only $2 million of the $8 million is guaranteed. For a team in need of a better point guard option or a sixth man backup point guard, Nelson could be a missing piece to a Playoff puzzle.

The question is what would the Magic want in return for him? Something that helps the team's future is a must, especially considering the sentimental value Nelson has among the fan base and in the front office (it appears).

To Nelson's credit, he told Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel that he is not aware of anything imminent. While a trade could come suddenly, there appear to be no plans Nelson or Magic general manager Rob Hennigan are willing to divulge.

There will be a lot more watching and waiting in the next two weeks for sure.

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