Magic chairman says team not for sale

“As a family, the topic of selling the team has not come up. In fact, we are enjoying the team more than ever. Especially my father. We are very excited about our focus on winning a NBA championship. The family is fully engaged and active with the team. All four generations.

“The Magic are not for sale.”

Magic chairman Dan DeVos, son of owner Rich DeVos, to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel on Sunday

A rumor popped up this weekend from an anonymous source talking to Comcast Sports New England that the Magic could be a team coming up for sale in the near future consider Rich DeVos’ age (he is 88) and the fact most of the DeVos family lives in Michigan. DeVos, speaking for his family and the team, seemed to be pretty set on squashing that rumor in a very public manner.

Rich DeVos did put the team up for sale at one point in the early 2000s, bringing up fears that the team might move. DeVos famously had a change of heart and that was that.

The family restructured the ownership stakes in an estate-planning move, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Dan DeVos noted then that the team was not for sale.

Where are these rumors coming from?