Learning to shoot is not that easy

“Let’s consider the Magic’s most likely youth-heavy bench lineup: Elfrid Payton – Victor Oladipo – Tobias Harris - Aaron Gordon.

Of those players, though, no one is an above average 3-point shooter. Let’s, for the sake of argument, say that Oladipo become a roughly league average 3-point shooter (his 32.7% accuracy could certainly get there on his way to his first 750 shots). Frye, too, could be the center in the lineup, giving them an elite big man floor spacer.

The combination of having few shooters (and conversely many non-shooters) and only one true “stretch” shooter, results in the Magic having to rely on youth who will hurt their offense, making it, on average, roughly 1-2 points per 100 possession worse than it might be otherwise.

That’s a big drop for a team already struggling with simply a limited amount of talent.”

halbrown of The Analytics Game