Jacque Vaughn’s positivity what this team needs

Jacque Vaughn is the biggest lightning rod among Magic fans at the moment.

The whole process of rebuilding is one that is somewhat foreign and each coach and management team has a different approach to the project. When they do not completely and perfectly align, frustration grows.

Everything from rotation decisions to offensive sets and philosophy have been challenged. And they should. That is the sign of a passionate fan base that cares.

Rob Hennigan offered his full support for Vaughn at the beginning of the road trip. Now, as the Magic come home from an 0-5 road trip out West, the questions remain about where this team is going and whether Vaughn is the right coach to lead them in that direction.

Management has Vaughn's back and so too do the players.

Nobody expected this year's team to be world beaters or to compete for a Playoff berth. Wins were not necessarily a big part of the equation. So, like Hennigan said, it is the intangibles the Magic have really looked at. And when it comes to reaching players and motivating them and keeping them on task, Vaughn has done a good job with that.

Jameer Nelson told Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel that he is truly the perfect coach for where this young team is at:

He gets angry. He does a good job of holding his composure, because he's the head of the snake. He's our guy. He's our coach. It's easy for him to get upset when guys make mistakes, but it's harder to play for a guy when somebody's upset with you every play for some guys.

"And I don't know if we have the type of team that we can handle it if he yells and screams at us all the time. So, I think he's kind of doing what he needs to do with the team to try to deliver a message in the right way — in his own way.

To say the least, this would be a team that would frustrate a great coach like Stan Van Gundy and his yelling, perfectionist approach probably would not fit this team and its current growth.

Vaughn has consistently said he will approach his team in a straight-forward and upfront manner. He tells the media, at least, that players know exactly where they stand with him and he communicates with players often about their concerns and the expectations the coaching staff has of them.

These are the intangibles that Hennigan and the Magic likely see in Vaughn and why they are sticking with him. The Xs and Os are still a bit of a learning process for Vaughn, a second year coach with limited experience as an assistant since he retired from basketball, but that will come too. Particularly when the Magic have a team that is no longer growing, but ready and expected to compete.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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