Grading the Magic with The Lottery Mafia

I joined Nick Denning of The Lottery Mafia to review the Magic’s season, including issuing my grades for the team and the season. Here is a sample talking about the job Jacque Vaughn did, since that is a big topic with Vaughn getting his team option picked up.

“Is Jacque Vaughn the right man moving forward? When this team is ready to compete again (which figures to be next season) are you confident enough his coaching style will get the most out of the roster? And are there any assistant coaches worth noting?”

“That is really tough to tell. I think he is the right coach to nurture young players and expect a lot out of them as they grow into professionals. He sets a high standard for their effort and work ethic as they grow. Are there still Xs and Os issues and preparation for end of game situations? Yes. He is still growing as a coach and he will have to continue to learn from more experienced assistant coaches like James Borrego (a former Spurs and Hornets assistant) and adviser Gordan Chisea behind the scenes. Next year is the big test for him as wins will be how his season is judged rather than the intangible improvement angle.”