Dwight Howard still burning bridges with former teammates

“[Dwight] Howard also said of [Chandler] Parsons’s departure that it would not affect the team at all. Coming on the heels of the [James] Harden comments. Parsons said he did not mind the comments, but called them “ridiculous.”

The callousness from Howard might hurt Parsons even more. He grew up in Orlando and did have a relationship with Howard as one of the area’s best players in Howard’s city. He helped recruit Howard to Houston and make him comfortable in a new city. His free agency departure was about role and business.

Howard continues to throw former teammates under the bus unintentionally it seems as he moves forward through his career. It takes us back to the Jameer Nelson comments.”

Philip Rossman-Reich, Crossover Chronicles

With all the rhetoric going back and forth in the Rockets camp between Chandler Parsons and the team’s two stars, it is pretty clear Dwight Howard still has not learned how to be quiet.

He tried reaching out to Jameer Nelson to sign with the Rockets, but Nelson opted to go with the rival Mavericks instead.

It just seems at this point that anything Howard says comes out the wrong way and he just cannot say anything nice about his former teammates.