Doc Rivers has fought hate before

“After a stellar 13-year playing career, Doc and Kris and their four children were living in the San Antonio area when misfortune — perhaps racial hatred — struck them two years before he accepted the Magic job. Their home was suspiciously burned to the ground by a fire started in a clothes closet.

Rivers was away at a golf tournament, and Kris and the kids were in Wisconsin visiting her parents at the time. Ginger, one of the family’s dogs, was killed. Kris had given her to Doc as a gift. All of the Rivers’ family pictures and albums, and many of Doc’s career keepsakes, were lost.

The Sterling controversy brought back deep wounds from the blaze as Doc’s son, Jeremiah, tweeted on Saturday, ‘Along with anything we ever loved and held treasured, because of the color of my dad’s skin. We lost everything and had to start over.’”

From Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel

Doc Rivers fought racism at Marquette University when he began dating his now-wife Kris, who is white. It was one of the reasons he left the university after his junior year. So there may not be a better coach to deal with the mess Donald Sterling has created in Los Angeles.

He has handled the whole situation gracefully to this point as he tries to keep his team focused on their Playoff opponent, the Golden State Warriors.