Dante Exum the early favorite in mock drafts

The NBA Draft is coming. The Magic have just 30 days to prepare for their two first round picks and whatever other options might be in store for their roster. It has also become apparent how key this Draft and this selection will be to the Magic’s overall rebuild.

The consensus appears to be that the top three picks will be in some order: Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid. That leaves the Magic taking the best of the “second tier” players unless something happens to deviate from that order. That can certainly happen.

At this early stage in projecting the Draft, the favorite for the Magic’s draft selection at No. 4 is Australian point guard Dante Exum. Just about every mock draft has the Magic taking him if he is available at this point.

It is no secret among Magic fans that the team is in need of a point guard. Victor Oladipo’s rookie season at point guard had mixed results and the experiment is not likely over. But the team is almost certainly preparing to move on from Jameer Nelson. That should mean a new point guard to take over the starter’s reigns is in order.

Many assume the Magic will go after one with one of their two picks in this year’s Draft.

Some even speculated that if the Magic did not have the chance to take Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, the team would still take Dante Exum. The Magic have reportedly been doing their homework on this kid all season.

The fit just seems so natural and the going belief is the Magic will not let Exum pass them by — unless maybe Embiid or one of those other two players is available.

The 12th pick though features a little more variability. Here is how several early mock drafts have things shaking out:

4th Pick 12th Pick
Marc J. Spears, Yahoo! Dante Exum Dario Saric
Draft Express Dante Exum James Young
Garry Parrish, CBS Sports Dante Exum Adreian Payne
Zach Harper, CBS Sports Dante Exum Nik Stauskas
Matt Moore, CBS Sports Dante Exum James Young
NBADraft.net Dante Exum Nik Stauskas
Kristofer Habbas, DIME Dante Exum James Young
Alex Kennedy, Basketball Insiders Dante Exum James Young
Joel Brigham, Basketball Insiders Joel Embiid Tyler Ennis
Steve Kyler, Basketball Insiders Dante Exum Adreian Payne
Yannis Koutroupis, Basketball Insiders Dante Exum Dario Saric
James Plowright, The Lottery Mafia Dante Exum Doug McDermott

As you can see, Exum is by far the favorite. For that 12th pick, James Young, Dario Saric, Adreian Payne and Nik Stauskas are the favorites.

Orlando will be bringing in five or six guys for the No. 4 pick — expect Julius Randle and Noah Vonleh as the other two. Then the Magic will likely bring in a ton of guys to workout and interview for the 12th pick. There will be a lot of homework left to do to maximize that pick.

We will keep an eye on mock drafts and the expert predictions as the Draft approaches. There is a lot of work to do.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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