Chatting NBA Draft with Tuck & O’Neill

Yesterday, I got the chance to chat with Tuck & O’Neill on 1080AM Sports Talk Florida about the Magic and the Draft.

In the conversation, we talked about what the Magic might do tonight in the Draft and what this Draft means for the future of the franchise.

Click on the link here to listen. Here is a preview:

Tuck and O’Neill talks to’s Phillip Rossman Reich about what options the Orlando Magic have at the NBA Draft. Rossman-Reich talks about what the Orlando Magic will do at the NBA Draft with the 4th and 12th pick at the Draft. Who will the Magic draft with those picks? Will the Magic trade the picks?   Would the Magic draft Joel Embiid if he is there with the 4th pick?  Who will be there at 4 by the time the Magic are on the clock? Rossman-Reich breaks down the options.