Channing Frye one of league’s best signings?

“Let’s just get this out of the way: Frye is an RPM darling. As a smart 3-point shooting big man, Frye is a poster boy of the modern NBA, contributing to the scoreboard in ways that aren’t fully captured in the box score. The spacing he affords his teammates by drifting on the perimeter simply can’t be quantified by conventional stats.

If a championship contender got Frye at this price, we’d probably hear more about it. But because the basement-dwelling Magic grabbed him at a time when they probably shouldn’t be giving big money to veterans, the deal won’t get its due. It’s a fairly long commitment to a 31-year-old, but at just $8 million a year, this could be the Paul Millsap contract of this offseason.”

Tom Haberstroh,

In calling Frye one of the league’s best free agent signings of the summer, Haberstroh notes Frye posted 10.8 wins above replacement last year. His expected value would have been at $12.2 million per year. That is a bit of a bargain for the Magic.

Of course, Frye will be in a very different offense in Orlando than he was in Phoenix. It will be interesting to see how he gets used this time around.