Apparently, the NBA must die for the Magic to win a title

If you like sports video games, then you know NBA 2K14 is one of the best sports video games out there. There is hardly a flaw in it (besides my poor timing on the shot stick).

Jon Bois of SBNation decided to take his video game-breaking skills away from Madden and over to NBA2K this season and found it difficult. So for the season finale of his acclaimed NBAY2K series, he decided to end the league by filling it with draft class after draft class of the absolute worst players the game could possibly create.

By the end of the Association mode, he has created some truly awful GIFs, and this amazing score line:

That is all the computer. No user control involved. He really killed the NBA.

At least the Magic won the title in 2045 before it went down in a heaping pile of flames with Victor Oladipo reaching the Hall of Fame and Dwight Howard returning to Orlando in 2020 (can we forgive him by then?). Just 31 more years until a title, you guys.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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