Al Harrington criticizes time in Orlando

“I played the 10 games last season for a couple reasons. The main reason was because of my contract; it wasn’t fully guaranteed. And I wanted to show them through my hard work, I made it back to this point where I can play. Other than that, they didn’t want any part of me in Orlando. I wasn’t allowed to be around the team, I wasn’t allowed to travel and I didn’t go to games. They just told me to rehab. I would come in the morning, rehab, and because of who I am, I would come in again at night and rehab again. Then when the game started, I would go home and nobody said anything.”

Al Harrington as told to Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report in detailing his long rehab process

Harrington went on to say Magic general manager Rob Hennigan informed his agent directly that he could not play anymore and the Magic did not expect Harrington to play even the 10 games he played in last year. Harrington, it should be noted, thanked Orlando fans for the support they gave him even if the team was not fully behind him.

Harrington is averaging 6.1 points per game in 14.9 minutes per game off the bench for the Playoff-bound Wizards.