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Aaron Gordon and Marcus Smart on their way soon

The Magic are keeping their NBA Draft preparations a secret. Sorry to disappoint everyone.

While other teams do open up their pre-draft workouts to the media and post video so everyone knows the comings and goings of the pre-draft process, the Magic are not that open with their information. So we search for scraps.

We know there was a large group of prospects that arrived in Orlando on Memorial Day — both for the fourth and 12th pick and also for the second round and Summer League. But since then. . . nothing.

Soon though, we should be aware of at least two more major prospects making their way through Orlando, according to the vaunted Magic source Cowbell Kingdom (that is a Kings blog . . . and a really good one).

After being part of that group that was in Orlando on Memorial Day, Marcus Smart is set to return to Orlando for a second interview according to Jonathan Santiago. Smart confirmed it when he went through Sacramento earlier this week for a workout:

Smart should be followed fairly shortly after by Aaron Gordon. The Arizona super athlete said in his Draft diary for SLAM that he was headed to Orlando early next week (as told to Tzvi Twersky of SLAM):

My next stop is Sacramento. I’m headed out there for a workout with the Kings. The next week and a half, really, is a grind. I’ve got the Kings; then I go to L.A. for the Lakers; then I go to Boston; then I think I go to Orlando after that.

It appears he will make his way to Orlando for a thorough workout and interview as one of the players the Magic would love to see fall to them at 12.

For both Smart and Gordon, if the Magic are not going to take them at four, it seems unlikely either will be available at 12. Although it is possible.

The Magic continue to do their homework behind closed doors. We await the end of the month to see what draft picks it results in.

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