Uni Watch ranks Magic uniforms No. 28

Elsa/Getty Images/ZimbioStill killing time in August. So why not rank uniforms?

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch on ESPN.com ranked the NBA uniforms and admits fashion is completely subjective. It is hard to argue with the simplistic and classic Celtics, Lakers and Spurs are three of the top uniforms in the league. Lukas favors green and stripes and hates purple (which, for me as a Northwestern alumnus and fan, automatically makes his opinion pretty pointless).

So when the Magic come in at No. 28, even one spot lower than last year, it is time to ask, What have we done wrong? Here is Lukas' explanation:

Orlando's original uni set felt like a fun party. Over the years they've chipped away at that design, removing most of the interesting details, and all that's left now is a boring, watered-down version of the original. Disappointing.

No argument on the analysis. The Magic's original uniforms were essentially the style of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Fans absolutely love the pinstripes. But they are certainly out of time now and a straight pinstripe uniform — like what the Hornets were wearing last year — does not quite work. The current uniforms are a modern turn to the originals of the first 10 years of the organization.

Considering where the Magic went after those pinstriped uniforms — particularly the uniforms they wore from 2004 until 2008 — this is not even the most simplistic thing they wore. This is a watered-down version of those original, but they are still the second best uniforms the Magic have ever worn.

So why are they 28th?

Your Mascot SucksAre the Magic's uniforms really worse than the No. 27 Bobcats who simply copied the Mavericks jerseys? Or the Pelicans old uniforms which were No. 15 last year and were a clear knock off of the Magic's design. The Bucks design is pretty decent if you like the font, but is plain compared to the Magic.

Maybe simplicity is what matters in the end. This is an opinion poll after all.

Lots of people are messing with the Magic though. Zach Lowe and Bill Simmons of Grantland said on a podcast that it might be a good idea for the Magic to switch up their identity and change their name. Lowe went a step further and ranked the team names with the Magic coming in No. 26. He does not like the secret marketing ploy. But it was the best name suggested in the original contest.

Lowe does not even offer a better name.

At least he is a fan of Stuff. In fact, I know he is a fan of Stuff.

Like with everything else, winning might cure any complaints about the jerseys or the team names. When will those days come again?

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