Twitter loves the Magic!


Twitter has completely changed our relationship with sports.

It is hard to watch a game without a Twitter stream of commentary scrolling throughout the game. There is such a large community having a shared experience now that it is really quite amazing. I participate in it every game night in talked to my followers about the Magic.

The Magic do too. They have wracked up the Twitter influence.

In a slow news day post, The Wall Street Journal took a look at the Twitter following for all the professional sports teams. And who is the second most followed team sport Twitter account in North America?

In the words of Paul Porter, "YOUR ORLANDO MAGIC."

Deadspin tries to explain:

The second-most-followed Twitter account in North American pro team sports belongs to the Orlando Magic? It's easy enough to fluff Twitter numbers, but the Magic also seem to have vibrant feed and a real interest in feeding fans good tweet. Theories welcome.

The Magic have 1,091,957 followers as of Sunday morning. Each of them absolutely deserved. The Magic and their affiliated accounts — such as Stuff, Josh Cohen, Dan Savage and John Denton among many others — are a great follow and a must for all Magic fans. Obviously.

Still somewhat surprising to see the Magic so high among the North American sports teams. You would think another team in, say, a larger market might have that title. Sorry, not spiteful at all.

Now how are we going to work on getting my 4,686 followers up to 5,000?

Philip Rossman-Reich

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