Trade rumors know no break

The Magic are on break now with the league at its All-Star Break. The players are away from Amway Center enjoying some time to themselves and away from the team to reset the batteries some.

That does not mean the work stops however. The NBA wheels continue to churn.

And with everyone in one place, it would not be surprising to hear more of those wheels churning. The trade deadline is less than a week away. Players know it. The Magic know it. The fans know it.

Orlando continues to be at the center of several trade storms. The team has the traded player exception it can use to help facilitate a bigger deal or take on more salary if the team finds any takers for one of its larger contracts. J.J. Redick is probably the most sought-after player in the league at this point, as many suspect the Magic do not want to overpay this summer and cash in on him as an asset to collect young players and other pieces.

So as the Magic head out to break, they know that their time with the team may not be for that much longer. Thursday's 3 p.m. deadline looms large.

However, Orlando's veterans know the drill. And, as they tell Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel, they may not know their future but they know they have to remain professional:

Every year you think about it going into the trade deadline,' Redick said. '[It's] no different this year. Certainly, with the expiring contract and all that jazz there's a little bit more scuttlebutt. It's going to be lingering over my head until the deadline passes.'

The other veterans are used to this kind of speculation.

'I can’t do anything about it, so why worry?” said Nelson, who is in the first year of a three-year deal.

'If they’re going to trade me, they’re going to trade me. If they’re going to keep me, they’re going to keep me. So I’m not stressing it. I haven’t stressed it in the past. One thing I know is if they send you to Mars, that’s where you’ve got to go, and I’ll play as hard as I can wherever I go.'

Rob Carr/Getty Images/ZimbioThat is the way these guys have to approach it.

No one is quite sure what the Magic will do. Redick is the hottest name in the league right now, but Redick has continually said he wants to stay in Orlando if possible and Redick has reportedly impressed the Magic to reconsider their plans for him in the future.

Rob Hennigan has been pretty up front with his players, as Redick has mentioned on several occasions, and right now he says the Magic are not actively trying to trade him. Reportedly, the Magic are also willing to help him in free agency through a sign-and-trade deal.

His future might very well depend on what kind of offers the Magic get.

Jameer Nelson's name is not floating up in many rumors. But the Magic could also be looking to trade him and his three-year deal to get some younger players and draft picks. That is what the Magic are after.

The next week will be extremely busy for Rob Hennigan and company. All anyone can do is duck their head and keep going.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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