Rockets tie Magic 3-point record

The 2009 Magic now have company at the top of the record books.

Last night, the Rockets defeated the Warriors 140-109, tying an NBA record with 23 3-pointers in the game. This ties the mark the Magic set in 2009 in Sacramento when the Magic hit 23 3-pointers in a perfect storm of spacing and shooting. If there was any game that exemplified what the Stan Van Gundy-era teams were about it was this game.

The Magic used Dwight Howard to clog up the middle and draw the defense in and then great perimeter ball movement to find open 3-pointers.

And it helped having great 3-point shooters like Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis and J.J. Redick. Yes, Turkoglu could actually hit a 3-pointer back then.


The Kings though were not much of anything and had no one to handle Howard. Again, a perfect storm.

Last night's Rockets game was something else.

Houston is a free-wheeling team that will push the pace high using Jeremy Lin and James Harden as primary ball handlers. The Rockets do not play much defense, but they can outscore most teams. And last night the shtos were just falling. Whether it was Chandler Parsons, Harden, Lin or any of the other players they have in Houston.

It is not like Golden State is a bad team either.

To have these kinds of games, you have to hit a zone. The Rockets definitely found that zone. They only failed to score 30 points in one quarter… and they had 27 points in the third quarter. The game was well decided early and Golden State could do nothing but watch Houston fire away 3-pointers.

Mark Jackson was apparently tired of that. He fouled the Rockets intentionally on their final possession to prevent them from securing the record.


Thanks for that Coach Jackson. The Magic now only have company at the top.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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