Oh, NOW they call that

Scott Halleran/Getty Images/ZimbioSorry, I am still a little bitter about the botched goaltending call at the end of Game Two of the 2009 Finals. I am sure many Magic fans are.

To be that close to the championship, every play does matter. And obviously we know how far the team has fallen since then.

So when the ending to Tuesday's game between the Rockets and Suns happens . . . it makes you shake your head a bit. The rule has not changed in the last four years, so why did the Rockets go home winners on a game-winning 3-pointer while the Magic crumbled in overtime instead of heading back to Orlando 1-1 in the Finals?!

That deserves a smh.

Take a look at the two plays and tell me if you can see the difference. They are clearly both goaltends:


The officials make the right call here as Jermaine O'Neal's hand disturbs the net and clearly reaches through the rim while the ball is still over the basket. That is an automatic goaltend even if it did not affect whether the shot would have gone in or not.

Now, remember what happened back in 2009:


Yeah, that would be Pau Gasol's hand going clear through the basket. Obvious goaltend. Series not tied. Magic lose the championship.

Still bitter.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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