One month until trade deadline

We are officially one month away from the NBA's trade deadline — February 21 at 3 p.m. ET.

The rumors and the activity will increase dramatically in the next few weeks as Orlando tries to evaluate what it has and position itself for the future. This is a point I feel like I have been hammering in over and over again.

It is still not 100 percent clear what Orlando is looking for. There are a lot of players on the roster the team likes, but the team has to think about the future. So while Glen Davis, Jameer Nelson and Arron Afflalo have embraced the attitude the Magic are trying to instill at this foundational stage, if a good deal comes along to dump their contracts and bring in some more versatile and younger players, they will take it.

It seems highly doubtful that the Magic will find any takers for those veteran players at this juncture. Jameer Nelson still has another year guaranteed left on his deal. Arron Afflalo has three years guaranteed remaining. And Glen Davis has a full three years left too.

J.J. Redick is the prized possession the Magic have and so they will be weighing offers for him during the next 30 days. Redick though is still young enough to be a contributor when the Magic are ready to compete for a championship. And his strong play and work ethic this year has endeared him to fans and reportedly management too.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images/ZimbioRedick though will become an unrestricted free agent this summer. And while he has stated he would like to stay in Orlando, nobody knows what will happen if someone offers him a lot of money to play for a winner rather than stay with a rebuilding team.

The Magic have to determine his value and figure out whether what is being offered is worth it for Redick.

Other players Orlando would like to deal appear to be Josh McRoberts (if the team can get anything for him before he becomes a free agent this summer) and Al Harrington. Harrington likely has little trade value right now because he has not played this season. Fortunately for Orlando, his contract becomes fully insured if he does not play Tuesday (the 41-game mark).

A Redick trade seems to be the most likely event for the Magic. They will be looking for young players and draft picks in return. So if a contender can offer that to Orlando, the team will seriously consider pulling the trigger.

Do not expect Orlando to go after any of the bigger names that might be available in the trade market — Josh Smith and Rudy Gay, for instance — but the team could very well be involved in such a deal as a faciliator with the team's very large traded player exception. The Magic would likely get young players and draft picks in return.

I hope you sense a theme here.

Of course, Rob Hennigan has preached patience over and over again. The Magic will go through a "process" in determining what moves to make. They will not add anyone they do not feel will help them grow and build.

With that in mind, it seems possible the Magic make no moves at the deadline and wait for the ofseason to begin making their moves. While Orlando is very active, nobody is quite sure what the team will do.

We have 30 days to find out.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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