NBA union seems in turmoil

On Saturday, the NBPA is expected to fire Billy Hunter as its executive director after a careful review of his running of the union. Hunter's job is somewhat that of a trustee as he is tasked with handling a lot of the business aspects for the union while the players play. Negotiating collective bargaining agreements are not an NBA player's expertise.

Hunter though was accused of some improprieties in his running of the union after it was discovered he had put family members in positions of power and favored companies his children and other family members worked for.

It was not pretty and the union seems in complete turmoil after coming out of the lockout.

Maurice Evans may be pouring more salt into the wounds for this union. The former Magic forward was the vice president of the union during the lockout and has come out as critical of Fisher's leadership and his motives. Evans is in Houston this weekend, but only because he lives there. He is no longer in the league and no longer in the union. Fisher is still the president even though he is out of the league because he had a short sting with Dallas earlier in the season.

That seemed fishy to Evans and is among many of the fishy things Fisher has done as the union's head, as he tells Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports:

'I give (Derek) a round of applause for being able to pull off this stunt and pull the wool over everyone's eyes,' former NBA veteran Maurice Evans told me late Thursday night. 'If he wants the union that bad — let him and Ron Klempner and Jamie Wior — they can have it.'

Evans, 34, was an executive vice president at the NBPA. He was perhaps the player and union rep closest to Hunter during the 2011 lockout and its aftermath. Evans is Hunter’s staunchest defender. After nine NBA seasons — he played last year with the Wizards — the career-long role player couldn't find a job this season, which meant his role in the union ended.

'Without a doubt, I know me not being in the league has something to do with my support of Billy Hunter,' Evans said. 'I'm fully comfortable not playing in the NBA ever again.'

There is a lot still to sort out for the union. The Magic's union representatives are Glen Davis and Jameer Nelson, according to the NBPA's Web site. J.J. Redick is also involved in the union and there were reports that Andrew Nicholson would serve as the team's representative at the union's meeting this weekend. Chris Duhon served on the union's executive committee while he was with the Magic.

This stuff may not mean much to the casual fan. However, Hunter's likely ouster means that when the collective bargaining agreement is negotiated again in five years, it will be with two completely new negotiators as David Stern is set to step down next season.

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