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Pool/Getty Images/ZimbioThe NBA Finals begin June 6 in either Miami or San Antonio.

If you have not noticed with all the Draft prep going on, the Spurs have advanced to the Finals with a 4-0 sweep of the Grizzlies and await the winner of the Heat and Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Miami and Indiana play Game Five on Thursday night to see who will take a 3-2 advantage into Saturday's Game Six in Indianapolis. And this series looks to be getting more and more testy as it goes on.

San Antonio is sitting back meanwhile and watching the whole thing play out. And so are we.

I will be joining our good friends at Project Spurs to help them cover the NBA Finals — and hopefully bringing back some of that good Spurs know-how the Magic are trying to emulate.

My first article for them asks the question of who do the Spurs want to play in the Finals — the Heat or the Pacers. The answer is the Pacers, but getting to that conclusion is not so easy:

The easy instinct is to favor the Pacers as an “easier” matchup. The Miami juggernaut featuring a much more developed LeBron James than the one who was thoroughly dominated in the 2007 Finals – and if James is anything like the greats who came before him, he will not have forgotten that embarrassment.

As Indiana is proving in this series against the Heat, be careful what you wish for and what seems easy may not actually be easy.

No matter who the Spurs face in the Finals, it will be a difficult challenge and by no means should the Spurs think they can waltz to the title. Both teams in the East Finals are very good teams.

But both have their weaknesses. And both of those weaknesses play in San Antonio’s strengths.

Be sure to check in with Project Spurs for complete Spurs coverage during the NBA Finals and the rest of the season. In between the Finals and the Draft, there should be plenty of basketball to tide us over.

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