Introducing the Magic Video Vault


The offseason gives me time to do random pet projects. And also to show how obsessive I can be about the Magic.

YouTube is a wonderful mine of Magic and NBA video that sometimes goes unrecognized and untapped. In an effort to unearth its treasures, I am endeavoring to post all those videos in one spot. That is the Magic Video Vault. You can access it any time by clicking on the link in the menu.

Right now it is in its infancy, so the cupboard is a little bare. But so far there are at least two classic games in full for you to enjoy.

In the Magic Video Vault in its opening you can enjoy the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals Game 1 against the Bulls IN ITS ENTIRETY. You not only get to see Nick Anderson steal the ball, but also Hakeem Olajuwon's postgame interview after the Rockets beat the Jazz on NBC before the Magic game started.

You can also enjoy Nick Anderson doing the Shake after beating Shaquille O'Neal in his first game in Orlando after leaving for the Lakers, again, IN ITS ENTIRETY.

I will be posting other games as I find them.

Please, feel free to give me feedback on how it is organized (I will change organization as I add more video) and suggestions for games to search for and add. You can contact me on Twitter @OMagicDaily or by e-mail at This is going to be a community project and one that I hope serves Magic fans well!

Enjoy the videos! And don't blame me if you cannot get any work done. :-)

Philip Rossman-Reich

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Philip Rossman-Reich is the managing editor for Crossover Chronicles and Orlando Magic Daily. You can follow him on twitter @OMagicDaily