What would it take to make Playoffs?

The Magic are just emerging from a 10-game losing streak, having won two of their last three games. And so the Playoffs seem a far way off.

In reality they are 5.5 games away for the Magic with plenty of games left to go. At the beginning of the season such discussion about the Playoffs would have been pretty unimaginable. There is still a lot of work to do to get back into the race as it is, but it is not too late into the season to make up this much ground.

It has been done in the past and it can be done again.

And do not get the team wrong. As much as the management is thinking about the big picture and acquiring assets for a much bigger rebuild, the team on the floor is concerned with winning games and making the Playoffs. There are a lot of proud veterans used to winning who still see the Playoffs as this team's ultimate goal. That did not go away despite the losing streak.

So what are the realistic chances of making the Playoffs?

If Milwaukee, the current 8-seed, currently has a .514 win percentage which equates to about 42 wins. That would mean, the Magic would have to go 28-16 (.634) to reach that mark. That is a pretty tall order and would require the Magic going on quite a run to get there.

In the last five years, the average 8-seed in the East has finished with a win percentage of .482. That would be about 39 wins. For the Magic to reach that mark they would have to go 25-19 (.568) the rest of the year.

So figure Orlando has to finish around .500 at the end of the season to have a chance of making the Playoffs. That could be asking a lot of this team, particularly with the uncertainty surrounding the upcoming trade deadline. It could happen, I would put nothing past this team.


This is important now because the Magic, including last night's win over the Pacers, play five of six games at home with that lone road trip a game against the Pistons. Orlando already blew a chance to bank some wins with the team's home-heavy December. Last night, Orlando snapped a six-game home losing streak.

The Magic are not getting those games back. And that makes every home game that much more important for Orlando.

If you are still holding out hope of a Playoff run, this home stand needs to propel it toward a big Playoff run. Especially before the next big road swing coming up at the end of the month.

Philip Rossman-Reich

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