Would Magic, fans take Dwight back?

This is a story or an idea that will not seem to go away.

Like a jilted girlfriend, there are still some feelings. And the idea of a reunion just will not die.

So when Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel writes:

In other words, it's easy for the Magic to say they won't pursue Dwight now when they know they don't have a snowball's chance in Haiti of getting him. But what happens in four months if the Lakers don't make the playoffs and a miserable, melancholy Dwight calls Magic CEO Alex Martins and says, "I want to come home." Don't tell me the Magic wouldn't fall all over themselves doing everything possible preparing their little love nest for big daddy's return.

Seriously, if Dwight actually wanted to come back to Orlando – and that's a big "if" – and the Magic hierarchy refused to pursue him, then the entire front office should tested for PEDs (Performance Extracting Drugs). Surely Martins and general manager Rob Hennigan aren't arrogant enough to think their rebuilding plan is better for the organization than re-acquiring the game's most dominant big man and one of the game's top five superstars.

It is still a far-fetched idea for Dwight Howard to return to Orlando. Certainly when Howard becomes a free agent this summer. The Magic do not have the cap space to chase after their former franchise star. And reports are that the Magic have no intention of chasing Howard in free agency this summer.

Time does heal all wounds however.

Right now the wound might be too fresh to even consider the idea of Howard returning. But there will come a time when such a thought is not crazy.

Since we are thinking about placement in the Magic pantheon with Jameer Nelson breaking Scott Skiles' all-time assist mark, Howard certainly will see his No. 12 hanging in the rafters at some point and is still largely considered the best player in Magic history. You cannot discredit everything he has done for the franchise.

Whether that means he will come back and the fans will accept him is another story.

But with each Lakers loss and with Howard looking more melancholy on the sideline, the reality that Howard might be willing to forgive the Magic for their misdeeds in the whole thing as much as the Magic and their fans would forgive Howard for his. A reconciliation could be in the guards in the future.

Howard still has a place in his heart for the Magic. Again, even if the wound is still pretty fresh. Don't expect any thing to happen soon. Just stare at this photo from TMZ while eating your tub of ice cream.


Philip Rossman-Reich

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